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Lend Platform automates the process of matching an SME to a lender, using a sophisticated combination of AI and analysis, and is intelligent enough to determine whether a customer can service the loan they want.

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Single Application

Single Application Facility
With a single, intuitive application form (including bank transaction data collection), your client can be matched and sent to any lender on our panel, without filling in another form, or uploading statements again.

Intelligent Analysis

Intelligent Analysis
Instant analysis assesses the probability of obtaining a loan and matches your client with the most suitable lenders.

Access Multiple Lenders

Access Multiple Lenders
Choose which lender to send the application to (lenders unable to help won't be shown), or set to Auto Send to automatically send once the application is complete.

Same Day CommissionsSame Day Commissions

An unmatched pricing and commission service. Get the same commissions you’ve always enjoyed, but get paid the same-day a deal settles. 100% of the commission.

No need to invoice or wait for payments again!

Centralised DashboardCentralised Dashboard

With a centralised dashboard across all lenders, you can quickly view Key Metrics and get an overview of the stages of all your applications by date range.

Drill down into the different stages to see further details and use filters to get granular.

Lend EdGain clarity and earn FBAA/MFAA CPD points

LendED is our 2020 series of educational videos designed to share accurate insights into lenders and their products.

What's more? You'll receive up to 70% of your annual FBAA/MFAA CPD points, and gain a true understanding of the docs required from each lender, putting you in a better position to convert each application.

  • Gain insight
  • Gain clarity
  • Gain answers
  • Gain understanding
  • Gain conversions
  • Gain commissions
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As an FBAA/MFAA member you will have free access to the educations series and can also claim CPD points for each episode watched.

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Real-Time UpdatesReal-Time Updates

We provide you with real-time updates on the status of your clients applications, regular updates are clearly visible in your Lend Platform.

Want to know when a lender called, or the minute a lender marks it as qualified, or approved?
You’ll be the first to know.

Lend ScoreIntroducing LendScore™

The Lend Platform is the only way to access our proprietary LendScore™ tool, a powerful and fully automated score on the likelihood of your client getting an approval from a lender.

We use predictive modelling techniques from analysis of over 120 points of data from your client’s business profile and financials (bank statements), in conjunction with analysis of big data, to calculate a score out of 100.

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Send MethodSend to Lenders Automatically, or Stay in Control, It’s Your Choice

Full Automation with “Auto-Send”

Use “Auto-Send” to have completed applications sent automatically. You can sit back and let the system choose the best lender, if that lender is unable to help, it's automatically sent to the next-best lender.

Stay in Control with “Manual-Send”

If you prefer to have full control through the whole process, you can opt for “Manual-Send” . Every step of the way, you’re in control of sending. If a lender is unable to help, or your client declines an offer, you decide which lender to send to next.

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Key Features

  • Call Me - An option if you want lenders to liaise with you, not your client
  • Bank Statements Collection (once, for all lenders)
  • Automatic Bank Statements Analysis
  • LendScore™
  • LendSize
  • Real-Time Updates
  • Lender Preferences - Prioritise sending to your preferred lenders and/or exclude certain lenders
  • Add Your Branding - Branded emails and application forms
  • Lender Relationships - Ability to discuss applications submitted via Lend Platform

and more...

LendSize Preview

Lend SizeLendSize is here!

LendSize uses our automatic statement analysis, company profiling and AI to accurately size the loan amount your client can borrow, for each lender.

If you’ve opted to use stay in control of your application, this gives you a powerful insight to discuss with your clients.

Automatic Bank Statement Analysis

Your clients’ bank statements are automatically analysed to find all the metrics SME lenders are looking for, including monthly revenue. We use this analysed data to ensure the best lender is matched to the SME.

  • Automatically calculates revenue and many more metrics, based on AI
  • We auto-detect existing Cash Flow Loans and provide a summary, including repayment amounts
  • An Accurate serviceability accessment, to help understand your client’s serviceability of a loan
  • Clear charts to help you visualise your client's financial situation

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